Thursday, 19 November 2015

DIY Chalkboard Paint

I was supposed to write about this project ages ago! And I'm so-so sorry for slacking off. My excuse is that I couldn't figure out how to do formating on some pictures, so everything looked very crooked and just not nice.

So this is the chalkboard, that I've made for my cousin. Buying a normal board is too much of a hassle and it's expensive, so I've looked up some recipes of chalkboard paint online.

Here's what you'll need to make your own chalkboard.
  • board
  • roller paintbrush
  • acrilic paint
  • chalk
  • grout (that thing, that you put in between tiles; I had some Polish brand)
  • water
  • container and spatula for mixing the paint
  • soft cloth

My cousing brought his own board, and for some reason had it already painted with white foundation paint, so he used sandpaper to make the surface less smooth. But you don't have to do that. I later used the rest of the paint to make my own chalkboard, and mine was just a plain drawing board. It wasn't even wooden or plywood but more like a very thick cardboard.

I didn't follow any strict rules or recipes. I just mixed one part grout with two parts paint, and thinned it out with water just a little bit. I ended up with a lot of extra paint, so you might as well think of all the other surfaces, you'd like to paint in one go.

I made four or five layers. If you're painting something smaller, like a jar, two layers are usually enough. Make sure to let the paint dry between layers.

Asking some life altering questions. In Ukrainian: "I'm a board! And who are you?"

When your board is dry, rub it with chalk and then wipe it all off with a soft cloth. I don't know, why exactly do you have to do this, but it says so in every tutorial, so... Okay, why not. :)

And it's ready! I had a lot of extra paint left, so I painted a few jars and boxes as well. :)

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