Monday, 28 September 2015

Accepting your weird self

photo credit: Marta Ryfiak

In my previous post Individual in a Community I tried talking about all the weirdness that we carry inside of us, and why is it so hard to be accepted sometimes. But at some point I leaned into the direction of philosophical / psychological reflections, so now I’m not even sure if that post makes any sense at all. Go read it and comment! I’d love to know your opinion!

I wanted to make a list of all the weird stuff about myself, limited to what I’m not too embarrassed to admit for obvious reasons. But to be honest, I now try to speak my mind more clearly. If I can’t be sure of my own thoughts, then how can I even respect myself, least expect it from the society. Be proud of your weirdness! Normal is boring. And who is normal anyway?

So just as promised, here’s a list of all the weird things about me.
  1. I’m very weather dependent.
  2. I start reading more books than I can finish.
  3. My version of daydreaming is basically fanfiction.
  4. I’m sometimes too naive and honest. I want to think good of people. It really hurts every time I’m proven wrong.
  5. I can’t lie. I hate hypocrisy.
  6. I used to hold strongly to my opinions. But thanks to my perpetual truth seeking, I wanted my opinions to be right, so gradually I’ve learned to be more open-minded and not so pushy with my ideas of right and wrong.
  7. English is almost like my super-power. It gives me the courage to express thoughts, I would’ve never dared to voice in my own native language. Whenever I write a blog post for my other blog, I always proof-read it for opinions that could seem too offensive. It doesn’t help though. I once got a lot of hateful comments for writing that cheating in school is wrong.
  8. I like to explain things and sometimes overshare. I’m afraid that it makes me seem rude. So I often write overly long comments, just to delete half of them, ‘cause of the extra unnecessary information.
  9. My first impressions of people are usually wrong.
  10. I’m a bit hypochondriacal. At the same time, I don’t like taking strong medication or too much of it.
  11. I overanalyze everything.
  12. I regret that I didn’t drop out of university after first year. I actually have a traumatic story about what has happened then, but I’m not ready to share it yet.
  13. I have a horrible memory for names and faces. More than once I would get to know two people with similar names and/or appearances. I would talk to them almost daily but still couldn’t tell them apart for months. Thankfully, I have another weirdness to help me deal with that.
  14. I don’t like addressing people by names. It feels too personal.
  15. I mostly listen to soundtracks or musicians, that I’ve discovered through movies or TV shows or anime.
Are you a weirdo too?

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