Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Being better to myself

photo credit: Marta Ryfiak

I let myself get lazy.

Last year I would wake up every morning at 6 a.m. and go on a run.
Last year I would use any spare moment I had to read.
Last year I would stick to my daily routine and make sure that I don’t skip meals.

So why is it so hard for me right now?
Why did I let myself slip back to not taking good care of myself? Not feeling as good as I could feel.
I stay up late, eat irregularly and forget to take an extra sip of water now and then.

Why am I not taking good care of myself?

Sometimes I think that it all goes back to the time when I got sick, and sticking to those routines was my only option. Back then I thought they were bounding me, even though I was feeling better. Not great, just better. I wasn’t healthy even then, but at least I could function.

I was in a trap. I didn’t choose to exercise and eat clean. I had to, because otherwise I would feel too sick to even get up in the mornings.

So I sort of forced myself to the point where I could slip back into not caring about my health. I needed to see, that my life was back to normal, that I could once again choose for myself. The problem was, that my choices were never good for me.

Now, when I’m slipping once again to feeling bad, I feel like that kid, who won’t put on his sweater, when it’s cold, just to prove that he can. He has the choice, but he’s not choosing what’s right for him.

So I’ve been thinking, that this time I want to make another choice. But this time I want to choose to be healthy, strong and happy.

I choose to get enough sleep.
I choose to eat healthy.
I choose to drink lots of water.
I choose to exercise.
I choose to go outside more.

Because this is what's good for me.

And I choose this good for myself.


  1. This sort of thing is so inspiring :) I think I really needed to see this today <3 Thank you !

    Lots of Lots, Marianne xxx