Tuesday, 19 May 2015

On reading books in foreign languages

I was sitting in my sister's room yesterday, working on her computer, because that's what I do, when I don't feel like cleaning up my working desk. While I was waiting for something to download (or upload... I really don't remember), I started browsing through her bookshelves. My sister has a whole shelf dedicated exclusively to books in foreign languages. These are mostly either old Polish books, owned by my father and grandmother, or everything, that we've managed to get our hands on in every second-hand store in our district, that had any books to offer.

And I saw this old Polish cookbook, that belonged to my grandmother. Over the years I've looked through this book more times than I care to remember. Looking at old bleak pictures, trying to figure out how to read familiar words. I know Polish good enough to watch TV shows and news, but reading is on completely another level. So right there and then I've decided, that I need to start reading in Polish. Right now!

I went to the bookshelves in the hallway and picked up a bunch of old Polish detectives. I've been meaning to read these for ages! Maybe I never did, because I felt too intimidated with the language to even start.

I also noticed, that I've never tried cooking anything from this Polish cookbook. I'm sure, I've meant to at some point, but never got to doing anything. So yesterday I chose a few recipes I liked, and combined them into something sweet and delicious!

Funny thing I've noticed about this cookbook, especially the desserts section. There are mostly recipes of puddings, custards and sweet porridges. I had to skip a lot of pages, till I finally got to the baking part. I've found this hilarious recipe of cheesecake with potatoes, which I'll try to make next time. But yesterday I made something more simple - Rice baked with apples. Recipe coming soon!

I'm also trying to figure out, how to edit pictures for my blog. I'm kind of torn between colorful and pastel. So tell me what you think? Do you like the bright or the pastel version of this picture?

As for the fiction books, I'll be reading a detective novel Pieczen Sarnia by Zygmunt Zeydler Zborowski. I'll tell, what this story is about, once I've read more into it. But the first few pages were not as scary as I anticipated (as in reading and understanding). This book is not on Goodreads yet, so I'll make sure to add it and rate it once I finish reading.

Let's read!

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