Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Home-made Strawberry Jam

It's not really a jam, because jam is something you preserve, right? This strawberry deliciousness barely lived to see the next morning, so I actually had to make a new batch to go with breakfast.

I like strawberries, but I never really associated them with late May. That's why I was a bit surprised, when my mom brought some from the market the other day. What month is it? Isn't it too early? I grew up believing that fruit and berries in particular only come in season. I still have to remind myself that fruit and vegetables from the greenhouse were not grown on pure poison (a common stereotype here in my part of the world, when it comes to greens out of season or bigger than average and not covered in dirt or bugs), and that it's okay to eat them.

This time the reason for this early treat was the warmer than usual weather.

Home-made Strawberry Jam

500 g strawberries
100 g sugar
2 tbsp water

1. Wash and cut strawberries.
2. Add sugar and water. It's better to go with less water. Otherwise the berries might turn grayish and taste like they have been boiled.
3. Let simmer on medium flame until the strawberries are tender.

There really isn't much to it. Strawberries are full of flavour as they are, but it is nice to add a bit more sweetness to them.

This strawberry jam goes well with hot toast and butter. At least that's how I like it. But you can also use it as topping for yogurt or oatmeal.


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