Friday, 11 July 2014

A Very Nutty Birthday Cake!

walnut birthday cake

So as you already know, I've just turned one year older and hopefully wiser. And this is the cake I had for my lazy birthday party in a small circle of friends and relatives.

I combined a Daria Cvek recipe with some of my own ideas. You can see on the first picture a Daria Cvek cooking book. It's an old edition, which I bought years ago on a street book market, which is a popular place in Lviv. Basically it's just a little square with an Ivan Fedorov monument in the middle, occupied by used book sellers. That's where I got my cooking book. My sister has a new fancy edition, but I like my old one with old fashioned photos, that look nothing like today's food photography.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Happy Lazy Birthday

birthday roses

It feels nice to be 25.

I've had a lazy day, hanging out with my sister. We originally planed to go see a movie, but its premiere has been postponed till September. No TFIOS for two more months!

But all in all it was a good day.

I actually wanted to write more about today, but we didn't really do anything special (or anything at all). Even though I got up at 5:30, which is usually a bit too early for me (although I'd like to get in the habit of getting up with the sun).

While waiting for my sister to get up, I was reading a bit of this and that. I started reading the first book of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, but I'm not yet sure whether I like it or not. It started slow, then got a little interesting, and now back to "okay". And I'm only on chapter 2! But I so often hear about these books, that I really want to give them a chance, even if I end up not liking them.

By the time sis and I got out of the house it was already 12 a.m. Since we ended up not having any plans, we just went shopping. Later in the day I frosted my birthday cake. I've noticed this thing about my birthdays. They're gradually turning into "let's have a normal day and eat some cake in the evening" days. And my introverted self likes it that way.

my cat

And Nautsy got to play with some flower wrapping net.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Currently Reading | July 2014

just a picture of my cat

I have a problem. I can't just pick up a book I want to read and finish it. If I'm not hooked up on the first ten pages, I pick another book. But I still feel like missing out on something, because of not reading that first book, so I read a few pages of it here and there, just to know what it's all about. And if I can't find something really engaging for a long time, I may sometimes end up with up to 20 books on my currently reading shelf on Goodreads. Of course, that makes me feel like some kind of a loser, so I start shoving them on other shelves like “on-hold” or “dropped”, until I end up with what's I'm actually reading at the moment given.

So after the last book I've finished, I somehow managed to pick up three different books in the course of one night.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Refreshing Summer Berry Jelly Dessert

Finally after almost two weeks of building up courage, I'm ready to write my first normal post (the one with the introduction doesn't count).

The weather is changing like crazy here in my part of the world. We've already had summer showers and a hail, but most of the days it's hot and sunny. This refreshing and sour jelly is a nice treat, when it's hot and stuffy outside. Packed with fresh wild raspberries and blueberries it really makes your mouth tingle. And it's super easy to make!

Refreshing Summer Berries Jelly Dessert

Refreshing Summer Berry Jelly Dessert

Prep. time: 20 min. Cooling time: 2-3  hours


1 package of cherry flavoured jelly (I used some Polish brand)
a few handfuls of wild raspberries
handful of blueberries
400 ml + 1 tbsp water
1 tbsp sugar


1. Heat up the water and dissolve the jelly.
2. Wash the berries.
3. Put the raspberries into a pot. Sprinkle them with sugar and add a spoonful of water. Then slightly steep the berries.
4. Now put all of the berries into individual cups, molds or whatever you usually use to serve your desserts. Pour the jelly into cups, make sure you nicely cover the berries. Then leave it on the table to cool down a bit. 5. When the jelly is lukewarm, put it in the fridge and leave there, till it's all set.

Refreshing Summer Berries Jelly Dessert